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type Tree =…

type Tree =
| Node of  Tree * Tree
| Leaf

it takes some time to get used to – but F# syntax is just beautiful…

#FSharp wishlist…

A new Internet-Draft for “RESTful Authentication Pattern”

See on Scoop.itnodeJS and Web APIs

This document proposes a “RESTful” pattern of authentication for HTTP/1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. The existing 401 status code and WWW-Authenticate header are used to indicate that authentication is required and for negotiation purposes. The client POSTs an initial authentication message to an indicated login URI, and reply messages are returned as new representations of a session resource named by a session URI.


This approach has a number of benefits: it can be implemented with or without help from the HTTP stack, it can be universally implemented on the server side using the Common Information Gateway (CGI) and FastCGI, it results in a session Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that can be DELETEd to logout, it is completely orthogonal to any HTTP “routers” and proxies, and it naturally (i.e., without changing HTTP) handles multi-legged authentication mechanisms.


Among other features supported are: channel binding, an optional round trip optimization for challenge/response mechanisms, somecryptographic protection options for clients that don’t use Transport Layer Security (TLS), stronger authentication of servers/services to users (where authentication mechanisms provide that) and more.

See on tools.ietf.org

Tutorial – anic – Faster than C, Safer than Java, Simpler than *sh!

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Code Mirror Editor with Pit – Pit – F# to JS Compiler

See on Scoop.itFunctional programming

See on pitfw.org

Functional Javascript for Front-End Performance

See on Scoop.itFunctional programming

Functional Javascript for Front-End Performance using small javascript libraries that speed up site load and make coding more robust…

See on antjanus.com

Configuring Sublime Text 2 To Work With FSharp

See on Scoop.itFunctional programming

I like working with the Sublime Text 2 editor and I surely like to work with FSharp so I’ve been trying to find ways to make life easier for myself.  A few tips to pass along: Get the F# Textm…

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Coffeescript & Jasmine Testing – Tool Support for Cloud9 IDE …

See on Scoop.itWeb Apps with CoffeeScript

The application, written in CoffeeScript in the Cloud9 IDE, has been developed in TDD methodology. Therefore, we used the Jasmine[15] testing framework. Consequently, every new feature was first manifested in a set of …

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Brad Wilson: Task Parallel Library and Servers, Part 1: Introduction

See on Scoop.itModel Driven Development, DSL

This is part 1 in a series on using Task Parallel Library when writing server applications, especially ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API applications.

See on bradwilson.typepad.com

Modeling and Code Generation on the .NET Platform at Icinetic

See on Scoop.itModel Driven Development, DSL

Rubén Jiménez Marrufo and Pedro J. Molina discuss the history of modeling at Microsoft along with current MSDS approaches, reference frameworks and features for the .NET platform.

See on www.infoq.com


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