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Simple Continiuos Integration with FAKE and windows scheduler #fsharp

Below are the details about a very simple CI setup,  the one that simply checks GitHub for changes to ‘master’ and if there were any, runs FAKE build script. First FAKE script: // The only part that should be interesting

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Windows 8: intriguing, brave, risky – and the only sane strategy?

1) Cross-platform app compatibility develop once, run on any windows 8+ device? 2) Unified UI design style same Metro style on any windows 8+ device? 3) Unified new runtime that supports any language / markup combo based on Chakra?

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@mikehadlow, @CraigCav: Using the #TPL with ASP.NET MVC for scalable web applications – not working?

Mike Hadlow posted about the out of the box ASP.NET MVC support (AsyncControllers) for developing scalable web tiers. He gives reasons why the “old” APM style of writing AsyncControllers is cumbersome and then shows how can we utilize TPL library to

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Object and Collection Initializers #csharp

I would like to have a way to declare auto property setters as private, but still be able to use them in object initializers. Something like this: class Dog { public int Age { get; private set; } public string

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#FileDB – A C# database to store files

used something similar (in my c++ life) long, long time ago. link

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#NBuilder – Rapid generation of test objects for .NET

“Through a fluent, extensible interface, NBuilder allows you to rapidly create test data, automatically assigning values to properties and public fields that are of type of the built in .NET data types (e.g. ints and strings). NBuilder allows you to

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