One possible way to compose application using OWIN spec

When composing your server apps with OWIN there are many options. OWIN spec is very flexible and it doesn’t  force you into particular application architecture (this is a good thing). So, using standard OWIN middleware components to compose your application is pretty easy and straightforward.

I prefer to clearly (at the assembly level) separate middleware from the server and the application. That makes it easier to work with for a bigger team, and when potentially, application teams are not the same as server and/or middleware team. Organizing your application in this way could look something like this, starting with middleware components project:

and then application is configured and ran like this:

So, having this in place, application developers – potentially different team(s) then middleware team – would write:

which models application interface as resources, and exposes them via standard HTTP verbs…

If you prefer CQRS – you can have middleware dispatch to handlers and then write your applications something like this:

Bottom line, OWIN is awesome.

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