Either monad to the rescue…

Lots of programming problems can be modeled by pipe-lining data through series of sequential or parallel processing steps. This data flow allows us to separate computational tasks into meaningful modules and
get more focused code base that is easier to debug and reason about. For example, a pipeline with three steps that takes input ‘req’ and successfully process it, would look like this:


And if at any stage there is error during the processing, we would skip the rest and return error…


Now, there are many ways to implement error handling, but this can easily end up in a messy combination of conditional statements and/or throwing and catching exceptions to stop processing. This adds noise to the real code logic and makes composing tasks harder… I’ve recently started to use Either monad to help with this this problem and am very happy about the results:

Here, I’m using Either implementation from the nice functional library Falktale

Till next time…

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