Data modeling with ArangoDB


Since 2009 there has been a “Cambrian Explosion” of NoSQL databases, but information on data modeling with these new data stores feels hard to come by.
My weapon of choice for over a year now has been ArangoDB. While ArangoDB is pretty conscientious about having good documentation, there has been something missing for me: criteria for making modeling decisions.

Like most (all?) graph databases, ArangoDB allows you to model your data with a property graph. The building blocks of a property graph are attributes, vertices and edges. What makes data modelling with ArangoDB (and any other graph database) difficult is deciding between them.

To start with we need a little terminology. Since a blog is a well known thing, we can use a post with some comments and some tags as our test data to illustrate the idea.

Sparse vs Compact

Modeling our blog post with as…

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