two presentations about patterns in dynamic languages

today I found two presentations about programming patterns and how their implementation changes in context of dynamic languages. They are both worth reading, lot’s of interesting information. I have to “nitpick” on Neil Ford’s, of ThoughtWorks fame, sample code… Here are two “pearls” from his presentation: So, Command class method names are doCommandContinue reading “two presentations about patterns in dynamic languages”

Sonatribe and RavenDb: Authorization Service – messing with tradition @sonatribe

Sonatribe seems to be using replication feature in RavenDb bundles. They use one (central)  Authorization Service responsible for persisting changes (roles a person is in, permissions a role has…)  and then changes are instantly replicated to other Services that actually need to make authorization decisions, so they can execute them locally. Nice. link

My comments on “Why I Love NServiceBus” from @jonathan_oliver

Recently, my team had a lot of discussions about the value of pub/sub paradigm. Last two years we used this approach on all new applications and although we like it, we’ve cooled down quite a bit comparing to beginnings… So when I read this post from Oliver, I felt that although I’m the last person toContinue reading “My comments on “Why I Love NServiceBus” from @jonathan_oliver”

@mikehadlow, @CraigCav: Using the #TPL with ASP.NET MVC for scalable web applications – not working?

Mike Hadlow posted about the out of the box ASP.NET MVC support (AsyncControllers) for developing scalable web tiers. He gives reasons why the “old” APM style of writing AsyncControllers is cumbersome and then shows how can we utilize TPL library to make code more maintanable and laments that MVC still doesn’t have full/deep support for TPLContinue reading “@mikehadlow, @CraigCav: Using the #TPL with ASP.NET MVC for scalable web applications – not working?”