Srđan – Wikipedia :)

Srđan (Serbian Cyrillic: Срђан; Croatian: Srđan) (or Srdan, or Srdjan) is a Serbian and Croatian masculine given name. The prevailing stance reckons this name originates from the Roman nomen (family name) Sergius, and this from a more ancient Etruscan name. Yet, there is only a similarity in pronunciation. The truth is that this Serbian name comes fromContinue reading “Srđan – Wikipedia :)”

Weekend in Asbury Park…

This past weekend we had a blast in Asbury Park. Perfect weather, great guests, delicious food, bar hopping, war stories… The only downside: we managed to miss Bruce’s appearance in Wonder Bar Sunday evening 😦 It was a close miss, though… We came to Wonder Bar to see the  end of the soccer game and were toldContinue reading “Weekend in Asbury Park…”

Facebook vs LinkedIn

A couple of interesting interactions on Facebook made me think about changing approach to my social life (online). So… in the next couple of days I’m going to  separate my business contacts (move to LinkedIn) from family and friends. There is something unnerving (for me) about sharing inner circle stuff with your current and ex coworkers,Continue reading “Facebook vs LinkedIn”