Why Dhall advertises the absence of Turing-completeness — Haskell for all

total2Several people have asked why I make a big deal out of the Dhall configuration language being “total” (i.e. not Turing-complete) and this post will summarize the two main reasons:If Dhall is total, that implies that the language got several other things correct“Not Turing-complete” is a signaling mechanism that appeals to Dhall’s target audience“Because of the…Continue reading “Why Dhall advertises the absence of Turing-completeness — Haskell for all”

A new Internet-Draft for “RESTful Authentication Pattern”

See on Scoop.it – nodeJS and Web APIs This document proposes a “RESTful” pattern of authentication for HTTP/1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. The existing 401 status code and WWW-Authenticate header are used to indicate that authentication is required and for negotiation purposes. The client POSTs an initial authentication message to an indicated login URI, and replyContinue reading “A new Internet-Draft for “RESTful Authentication Pattern””

Coffeescript & Jasmine Testing – Tool Support for Cloud9 IDE …

See on Scoop.it – Web Apps with CoffeeScript The application, written in CoffeeScript in the Cloud9 IDE, has been developed in TDD methodology. Therefore, we used the Jasmine[15] testing framework. Consequently, every new feature was first manifested in a set of … See on pragtob.wordpress.com